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6 Reasons You Should Consider Building a Digital Course

Edupreneur (ej-oo-pruh-nur; noun): colloquial term for “educational entrepreneur”; a business person who builds and shares (for revenue) an educational service for others

Cool name aside, here’s why you should consider wearing a new business hat, the edupreneur hat (available in blue and green).

1. Let the Money Roll In

Once you become an online instructor, you will be delighted with more passive income, thanks to your course(s) selling on autopilot. Who doesn’t like automatic money? That one guy over there is just weird. Disregard him.

  • Time to Woo: Your business’s dating profile just got a whole lot more expansive. With more online visibility, you can expect to entice more and more clients in your direction. Ooh la la!

  • Talk the Talk: During your courses, shamelessly plug your business. Captive audiences are the best for that sort of thing. Promote yourself and see what happens ($$$).

  • Step on the Scale: But, no need to fear the result. We are talking about scaling your business to anyone with a computer and internet connection. That means international reach, people!

  • Touchy-Feely: With a click of a button, a customer is immediately provided a tangible product for their money, which is visible proof that a valuable exchange has occurred. People like that. It makes them feel all tingly.

  • Pine Fresh: Want your business resources to stay fresh over time? Digital courses fulfill that sustainable need; they are permanent how-tos and tutorials that can be re-referenced (commonly referred to as “Evergreen Content”). So, go plant your digital course pine tree and watch it grow.

Feeling like you want to try on the edupreneur hat? We can help. We offer free hat fittings to all our customers, plus other quality resources and marketing intel. Just check our latest blog to learn more about the components of a digital course.

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