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  • Linda Chase

A Rare Siting: The Advantages of Monitoring Your Website’s Performance

For any digitally-based business, the company’s website should be considered amongst its most important tools for managing customer relations, allowing you to promote your products/services and providing insights into your users. Failure to keep a close eye on your website’s metrics can result in missed opportunities, reduced traffic, and major security risks.

1. Recuperate quickly after crashes

Website crashes can be disastrous for profit as customers who are looking for information or who want to make purchases online are left in the cold. Receiving alerts about a crash will enable you to take action quickly and minimize the effects on your profits.

2. Prevent data loss

Your website stores important data such as customer contact information, product descriptions, and inventory levels - losing this information doesn’t just signify incompetence, it can stump the business itself. It’s, therefore, crucial to back up important data and regularly monitor for crashes in order to restore caches as soon as possible.

3. Protect customers from breaches

A breach of your site can cause your customers to lose trust and confidence in your business or, worse, result in lawsuits. Monitoring your website’s performance will allow you to detect any unusual activity that could indicate a breach and take swift action to protect your customers’ information.

4. Improve the user experience

Your website’s functionality has a direct impact on the user experience. If your site is slow or crashes frequently, users will likely become frustrated and leave before making a purchase. Examining your site’s effectiveness will help you identify any issues or lags so that you can take the necessary steps to improve these.

5. Reveal deep customer insights

Understanding your website’s performance will offer valuable insights into your customers’ behavior. You can learn about the pages that are most popular with users, the times of day when they are most active, the locations from which people are accessing your content, and more. You’ll also be able to track the number of unique visitors to the site and weigh this against your conversion rate.

6. Maintain search engine rankings

Your website’s performance is one of the factors that search engines take into account when determining your ranking on results pages. By taking careful note of which content is most attractive and implementing a few optimization strategies, you’ll be able to move to a higher position, thereby leading more people to your site.

7. Improve marketing campaigns

Your website holds a gold mine of data that can be used to improve your marketing efforts. By understanding who is using your site, their habits and their browsing times, and more, you’ll be able to target your campaigns accordingly. This will help you get the most from your ads and limit the amount spent on marketing.

8. Business Process Management

Business process management practices will help you by streamlining protocols that make money and getting rid of those that don’t. Structuring business process management initiatives will allow you to optimize processes and workflows by analyzing how people, systems, and data interact. This includes redesigning processes for optimal customer experiences, such as designing a website for a user-friendly experience.

9. Website Metrics

You can use website metrics to identify which items are your best sellers and why customers perceive them to be better than your other products. Consider, for example, how long customers stay on your site, as this indicates the quality of your content. Or you could track bounce rate, which shows how quickly people click off your site.

Your business’ website is your portal to understanding your relationship with your customers and can help you to gain insight into how your products and services are being received by the target audience. By taking careful note of various performance factors, you can continue to improve for optimum results.

The rise of digital marketing has provided a number of nifty new channels business owners can make use of to reach potential customers. Gro-Haus is passionate about providing advice, support, and guidance in this space to help businesses grow exponentially. Find out more at ​​

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