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Gifts Our Clients Have Given Us This Year

At GroHaus, we’re used to giving our all for our clients, but in this article, we’d like to celebrate all of the wonderful things our clients have given us this year. Tis’ the season to be thankful. And we are.

The Gift of Moderation

Ah, yes, this is a good one! The gift of Moderation, specifically email marketing moderation. We all know that email marketing is a solid marketing tactic. But, there can be too much of a good thing. Just ask your inebriated cousin currently canoodling with the animatronic Santa Claus on your front porch.

Earlier this year our clients told us we were sending way too many procedural emails during their intake process. A new client would receive up to 12 emails that often would not perfectly align with where they were in the intake process, causing confusion and annoyance. Take it down a notch, GroHaus. We’ve since cut down our intake emails to the bare minimum and are now finding that perfect balance with our newsletter campaigns.

According to SmartrMail, an email app company, sending 4-8 emails a month to your email listserv is the frequency sweet spot. You will get the most open rates and click rates if you stick to that range.

And that is what we intend to do. It’s our first New Year’s Resolution, thanks to our clients.

The Gift of Reliability

Oh, this is a great gift! When we started GroHaus, we imagined our clients would use our service on demand, so, if you signed up in April or May of this year, you may have been told to feel free to book sessions with us whenever you like. That might sound great on paper, but the reality is that life happens and you forget to make an appointment and a week goes by and you forget again and, soon enough, you are four weeks in and frustrated that you haven’t made any progress.

Enter the standing session. Instead of leaving it to our clients to remember to book time with us, we took the initiative to set up weekly and monthly standing sessions, where we could get together at a regular time and make predictable, reliable progress towards our clients’ marketing goals.

Dependable marketing communication and consistent business advances are the stuff Christmas dreams are made of (that and dancing sugar plums).

The Gift of Humanization

GroHaus’ origin story was first rooted in a go-at-your-own-pace online course and regular sessions with a strategist. We wanted to make sure we were able to make consistent progress, avoiding getting stuck in a rut. That’s just the worst.

For some small-business owners, on-demand courses and occasional check-ins work great, but many others want a deeper connection with a more hands-on approach to growing their marketing prowess. After listening to our clients, we decided we wanted to focus on creating that special link by providing a guiding hand, one that personalizes the process of marketing.

YouTube videos and infographics can only take you so far. A humanizing, knowledgeable presence is what will help you go the extra mile. And, at GroHaus, we are marathon runners (not really... please don’t ask us to run; it hurts and we sweat pineapple juice).

The Gift of Uniqueness

There’s a corner of the Internet for everyone. The wondrous World Wide Web (created by Willy Wonka, we think) does not have limits on space or originality. There are no prescriptions. And at GroHaus, we were honored to spend this year working with unique businesses all over the country.

In Washington, we worked with a mind-blowing hypnotist and a cosmic medium. In Florida, we preached the marketing gospel with both preachers and pastors. In Tennessee, we helped a farmer grow his inspirational podcast. In Detroit, we lit a marketing fire under a candle company. In Massachusetts, we stretched the marketing capabilities of a couple in the cabinet refinishing business, and in Georgia, we helped a passionate father protect kids from online predators.

The point is that we celebrate everyone’s funky business shape at GroHaus. The scope of our ability to help any company is as unlimited as the Internet’s space to house it.

So, the last present our clients have given us is simply their business, and that’s a gift we enjoy unwrapping year after year.

GroHaus: Gifts That Keep on Giving

This holiday season, enjoy a moose-shaped glass of eggnog, carolers on the front porch, and cherished time with family and friends.

And, as you open that last present under the tree, remember the intangible gifts that make our season just as bright. We certainly do at GroHaus. Our clients give us gifts that keep on giving. And man, that’s just about as good as it gets (notwithstanding a ride on Santa’s sleigh). Sign up today to experience the good gifts we offer in return.

And truly, Happy Holidays, friends.

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