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Top 10 Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have in 2023

It’s January 1, 2023. Last night, you brought in the New Year with true style: party beads, 2023 headband, official countdown clock...the whole nine. It was an explosion of extrovert pizzazz. But, now it’s time to get introspective. That’s right, it’s New Year’s Resolution time.

With origins in ancient Babylonia, New Year’s Resolutions have been around for over 4,000 years. It has since shifted away from a universal pledge to pagan gods for abundant crops (though, if that is your New Year’s Resolution, have at it!) to a more personal reflection of individual goals.

From better health to better stability, new hobbies to new habits, New Year Resolution areas are as vast as they are varied. So, it can be puzzling having to narrow down a singular life goal that will be the focus of a whole year’s efforts. Lucky for you, GroHaus can help; we are experts at solving puzzles (like the 1,000-piece kind). Just let me pull up Google Maps and find you...

I spy with my little ambitious, hard-working entrepreneur (i.e. YOU!). Ah yes, an easy read. You, my friend, are anxious to get your New Year Resolution hands on some money-saving techniques for your business. And we have just the ticket. Hop on the Free Marketing Tool Bus (it kind of looks like the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo) and get ready for one snazzy ride, with ten scenic stops.

Bus Stop #1: Groove

Welcome to Groove City, a pink and black landscaped town, home to over 550,000 website owners. Are you looking for a full-featured Site builder with webinar capabilities, along with E-commerce and payment-processing functionalities? If so, consider buying a vacation home in Groove City. The mortgage? Well, non-existent! ‘Cause, it’s free, folks!

One thing to note, though: This software is still in the early stages of development, so while some of their products are showroom-ready, others are still being worked on by the Florida-based Groove team.

Bus Stop #2: HotJar

We are now entering the small town of Hot Jar, known for flaming good deals on analytics and screen capturing. How good is good? How about a $0/forever plan? Besides heat mapping and user session recording, this “basic plan” also includes additional perks: unlimited team members and unlimited data storage, and if you decide to upgrade, a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Bus Stop #3: Canva

A visual wonderland is ahead on your right. That’s correct, friends, we are passing by the picturesque city of Canva. Canva offers small business owners the ability to channel their inner graphic artists to create beautiful marketing assets inside an easy-to-use platform. From free templates to free design types, free photos to free graphics, Canva offers top resources for your visual marketing needs.

Bus Stop #4: Calendly

Perhaps the most well-organized city we have on today’s bus tour, Calendly is ranked as the best place to live for schedule management according to the U.S. News & World Report (not really). The free version allows users to create one calendar, on which they can schedule unlimited meetings, customize the Calendly link, and automate email notifications. It’s essentially a convenient way to enable colleagues, clients, and collaborators to grab some time on your calendar without having to play the tedious Back and Forth Scheduling Game (coming soon to a chuck e cheese near you).

Bus Stop #5: ClickUp

“One app to replace them all”...quite a Tolkien-inspired city catchphrase! Both entrepreneurs and Lord of the Rings fans flock here to get a glimpse of its famous Project Management City Hall, a place where all skill sets and industries are welcome. From daily tasks to important documents and internal chats to weekly goals, ClickUp has a multitude of project management functionalities.

Bus Stop #6:

Our next stop,, is a city known for its breathtaking social butterfly sanctuary. Get out your binoculars and see if you can catch a glimpse of the rare Facebook Spotted Butterfly or the Instagram Monarch Butterfly. These and many more social media butterflies can be captured using the social automation capabilities has to offer. It’s “hands-free, automated social media sharing” at its finest.

Bus Stop #7: MailerLite

Next up on our free marketing bus tour is the city of MailerLite. Goodbye snail-mail; hello email campaigns, email automation, and email results. MailerLite even offers a free website platform with 5 free landing pages where you can post your email CTAs. It’s the stuff marketing communication dreams are made of.

Bus Stop #8: Grammarly

Okay, folks, we are now entering Grammarly Park. If you look out your left window, you will see acres upon acres of copywriting crops flourishing. From usage to syntax, spelling to punctuation, capitalization to grammar, Grammarly grows and harvests it all. See what your composition seed could grow into if you plant it in Grammarly Park.

Bus Stop #9:

Approaching the end of our bus tour, we have our second-to-last city, Its claim to fame is its indigenous, semiaquatic mammal population and, oh yeah, its remarkable speech-to-text services. Tired of manual labor? Are those fingers aching after a long day’s work at the keyboard? If so, visit the city of and simply talk your way through the daily typing grind.

Bus Stop #10:

And here we are in the city of, the final stop on the Free Marketing Tool Bus Tour. It’s one of our favorite locations because we get to play one of our favorite songs while we travel through it. Sing it, Marvin.

It takes two, baby / Me and you, just takes two / To make a dream come true, just takes two.

Snappy tune for a snappy communication tool. Ever seen one of those little chat windows appear at the bottom of a website? We bet you have. It’s the newest trend in customer conversion. It just takes two to make it work: you and And then the dream of a live client chat capability comes true for your business.

GroHaus: Your Business’s New Year’s Resolution

Now that you know about the free marketing tool hot spots out there, hopefully, your New Year’s Resolution of having more financial business security proves to be an attainable goal. And that’s what we are all about at GroHaus, helping you reach those desirable business goals. Schedule your FREE (see, we do free, too!) 50-minute strategy session and start 2023 off right.


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